Asia, China, Everest Solo Attempt

Publication Year: 1987.

Everest Solo Attempt. With my support team of Ruth DeCew, Ed Webster and Kristina Kearney, I arrived at Base Camp at 17,000 feet on July 1. Advance Base Camp was established on July 8 at 20,400 feet on the East Rongbuk Glacier. Between July 12 and August 24 it snowed on the mountain on most days. I first climbed to 23,000 feet on the North Col on August 12 and then followed that by two summit attempts, the last on September 7. I then set up a new Advance Base Camp on the Main Rongbuk Glacier at 19,000 feet. I left there at 9:30 P.M. on September 17 and climbed the Japanese Couloir. In the morning I approached the Hornbein Couloir but abandoned the attempt at 25,300 feet because of the snow conditions.

Roger Marshall, Unaffiliated