Asia, Pakistan, K2

Publication Year: 1987.

K2. After a period of acclimatization, two Basques, Mari Abrego and Josema Casimiro, officially members of Renato Casarotto’s expedition but climbing independently, made a swift, illegal ascent of the Abruzzi Ridge of K2 in a five-day alpine-style push. In a period of good weather, they moved up each day, carrying their tent and all necessary food, fuel and gear. They went up to Advance Base, Camps I, II, III and IV at 5250, 6050, 6750, 7400 and 8150 meters from June 18 to 22. In still excellent weather on June 23 they climbed the “Bottleneck and got to the summit just after the Barrards, Michel Parmentier and Wanda Rutkiewicz. They took five days to make the descent in bad weather, arriving at Base Camp on June 27. They were accompanied part of the way down by Wanda Rutkiewicz.

Gregorio Ariz, Club Anaitasuna, Spain