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Asia, India-Himachal Pradesh, KR6

KR6. Japanese climbers Shoichi Hasegawa and Atuhisa Kasugadani left Patisio to make their Base Camp on August 1 north of KR2 at 4650 meters. They went over a col in the northwest ridge of KR2 and descended to the Chandra River, where they put Advance Base. They ascended the glacier northeast of KR6 to place Camp I at 5200 meters. On August 9 they reconnoitered to 5550 meters. On August 10, with porters Labato Lama, Lhato Chando and Tikam Ram, they headed for the summit. From 5600 meters they had 40° to 50° ice along the ridge. In all they fixed some 750 meters of rope. The last 200 meters before the summit (6187 meters, 20,300 feet) were particularly steep.