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Asia, India-Garhwal, Jogin I and III Ascents; P 6529 Attempt

Jogin I and III Ascents; P 6529 Attempt. A 19-man expedition of the London Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard was led by Superintendent John Peck; the climbing leader was Lew Hardy. On September 6, 8, and 10, Jogin I (6465 meters, 21,210 feet) was climbed by ten members, including Superintendent J.M. Das, who, with the liaison officer, formed the Indian members of the party. Das, R. Parry and J. Price climbed Jogin III (6116 meters, 20,066 feet) by the southeast ridge, a new route. These three also climbed P 5215, east of Jogin III. The attempt of P 6529 was given up at 6100 meters because of soft snow and difficult terrain. Two members suffered frostbite.

Mandip Singh Soin, Himalayan Club