Asia, India-Garhwal, Kedar Dome

Publication Year: 1987.

Kedar Dome. A 15-member Polish expedition led by Marek Grochowski hoped to climb two routes on Kedar Dome. Base Camp was established at Topoban on September 20. On the 25th Andrzej Jakubowski, Zbigniew Mikolajczyk, Marek Orenczuk and Waldemar Zmurko reached the summit by the normal route. Much snow fell and avalanches twice buried Advance Base. From October 1 to 8 the same team attempted the left buttress of the east face of Kedar Dome, but continuous snowfall made them retreat not far from the summit. This face remains one of the great rock problems in the Gangotri area.

Zbigniew Kowalewski, Klub Wysokogórski Warszawa, Poland