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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri Attempt and Tragedy

Dhaulagiri Attempt and Tragedy. An Austrian expedition led by Edi Lindenthaler and composed of Josef Inhöger, Erich Unterberger, Hans and Hansjörg Linderthaler, Franz Müllender, Hans Gapp and Martin Homegger had hoped to climb the northwest ridge of Dhaulagiri. After reaching their 4700-meter Base Camp on September 17, Müllender felt the altitude enough to descend to the 3700-meter Italian Base Camp. He reascended on the 20th as he was feeling better, while the others pushed forward to the northwest col. The next morning, Müllender was worse again and was taken back down to the Italian Base Camp. There he appeared better, but during the evening his condition worsened and he died at about eight P.M. from pulmonary edema. [We are grateful to Robert Renzler for this report.]