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Antarctica, Framnes Mountains, MacRobertson Land

Framnes Mountains, MacRobertson Land. I was working in a scientific capacity in the Framnes Mountains near the Australian station of Mawson in the winter of 1984 and the summers of 1984-5 and 1985-6. The three main ranges of Henderson, Masson and David are visited regularly and the easier peaks have mostly been climbed. The fourth range, the Casey Range, has rarely been visited. In January 1984, while working there, I made a north-to-south traverse of the range. In the Framnes Mountains very few summits require technical skill. The attraction is the remoteness of the locality and extreme isolation. I have drawn up a list of major peaks and tried to indicate what I believe are first ascents. Henderson Range: Henderson (970 meters) by P. Law, L. Bechenaise, Shaw, February 1955, Goldsworthy Ridge (960 meters) unknown; Masson Range: Rumdoodle Peak (721 meters) unknown, Ward (1030 meters) by W. Williams, M. Conde, January 1985, Ferguson Peak (900 meters) by J. Trealor, Conde, Williams, January 1985, Burnett (1050 meters) by Williams P. Crossthwait, December 1984; David Range: Fang Peak (900 meters) unknown, Elliot (1300 meters) unknown, Coates (1280 meters) by J. Bennett, G. Mantin, R. Lachal, A. Varana, January 1966, Hordern (1510 meters) first ascent unknown, traverse over east peak and 10-meter-lower west peak by W. Williams, Crossthwait, December 1984.

Warwick Williams, Australia