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South America, Argentina-Northern Andes, Macón, Rumibola and Llanaleria, Ancient and Modern Ascents

Macón, Rumibola and Llanaleria, Ancient and Modern Ascents. The three peaks named belong to the high desert of Salta province. Cerro Macón or Icomân (5490 meters, 18,012 feet) located along the way of the Antofagasta-Salta railroad, was ascended by Cristián Vitry and several members of the Club Amigos de la Montaña. The group located at 16,400 feet some pre-Columbian enclosures, which contained pieces of wood and pottery. The same Vitry, plus Antonio Zuleta, climbed Cerro Rumibola (5420 meters, 17,782 feet) on whose higher slopes they found again remains of ancient enclosures and even some petroglyphs. Two weeks later, Vitry, Zuleta and a woman, Talía Lino, of the Club Ândino Córdoba, ascended Cerro Llanaleri (5300 meters, 17,389 feet), a possible first ascent. Both Rumibola and Llanaleri are situated near the town of La Poma.

Evelio Echevarria