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North America, Greenland, Milne Island, East Greenland

Milne Island, East Greenland. Our expedition consisted of John Shrewsbury, leader, Mike Garrett, Margaret Graham, Anne and Henry Wheatcroft, Chris Whitford and me. Milne Island is a remote, and as far as we could ascertain, nearly unexplored island within Scoresby Sound. Approximately 40 miles wide and 70 miles long, it has an icecap reaching 2000 meters. We were flown in from Iceland. During our 18-day stay we undertook two six-day backpacking trips. On the first we crossed the Charcot Glacier to the south and climbed two new peaks, P 1320 and P 1510 as well as Bays Fjelde (1028 meters) and P 960, which had summit cairns. The second trip was north along the coast. We did climb a snow summit of 1120 meters. From Base Camp, which was on the east coast, we climbed P 388 and P 1247.

Malcolm Sales, Royal Geographical Society