Asia, Pakistan, Bobisghir

Publication Year: 1986.

Bobisghir. Our expedition was composed of Yukitoshi Tanikawa, leader, Shinichiro Kasai, Takeshi Oshida, Dr. Shigeki Nakajima and me. After leaving Dasso on May 28, we established Base Camp at 4850 meters on the Nobande Sobande Glacier on June 5. Since we were too far from the foot of our ridge, we deposited material at 5200 meters. Camp I was established on June 20 at 5750 meters on the junction peak. Between Camps I and II there are two small foresummits. We made a deposit camp on the first one at 5950 meters. We spent a lot of time on this portion of the climb because of much snowfall. On July 2 we established Camp II at 6200 meters beyond the second foresummit. On July 7 Kasai, Oshida and I completed the first ascent of Bobisghir (6416 meters, 21,050 feet).

Tohru Nemoto, Nihon University, Japan