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Asia, Nepal, Himalchuli North, First Ascent

Himalchuli North, First Ascent. A Korean expedition led by Lee Kyu-Jin and a Polish expedition were the first to attempt to reach this summit and both succeeded. Korean Lee Jae-Hong went to the top (7371 meters, 24,182 feet) on October 27 from a snow hole at 6800 meters in which he had bivouacked, while Sherpas Lhakpa Norbu, Pasang Dawa, Ang Pasang and Zangbu joined him at the summit half an hour later after having come up from Camp III at 6400 meters. They had climbed the north face. Another Korean summit bid at the end of the month was aborted when strong winds tore apart the tents at Camp III and the occupants were forced to descend.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley