Asia, Nepal, Everest, West Ridge Winter Attempt, 1985-5

Publication Year: 1986.

Everest, West Ridge Winter Attempt, 1984-5. [Details were missing when A.A.J., 1985 went to press.—Editor. ] An expedition of the French including leader Eric Dossin, Bernard Francou, Vincent Fine, Benoît Chamoux and Dr. Olivier Callande, Italian Gian-Carlo Grassi and a Belgian started its attempt on the west ridge of Everest at the beginning of December 1984. They placed high camps at 6100, 6800 and 7100 meters. The highest point reached was 7500 meters, gained by Fine and Sherpas on January 16. It was the site for what was to be their fourth and next-to-last camp. Fierce winter winds and considerable snowfall defeated their attempts to place the camp. In addition, the Sherpas were afraid of the wind and reluctant to climb in it. Most of the members left the expedition by early January, leaving only three climbers and the doctor, who did some climbing.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley