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South America, Argentine–Chilean Patagonia, Cerro Astillado

Cerro Astillado. Armando Aste, Mariano Marisa, Fabrizio Defrancesco and I moved into the mountains of the Hielo Continental from Lago San Martín. On January 17 we began to reconnoiter the north side of Cerro Astillado, but the rock was rotten. On the 20th we headed for the southwest face, which appeared more difficult but more direct. Leaving bivouac gear at the foot of the face on January 21, we climbed and fixed the lower third and descended to bivouac. The next day we ascended the fixed ropes and found the climbing even more difficult above, but we reached the summit at four P.M. Before leaving that part of Patagonia, we climbed two more rock towers. We then moved to Cerro Torre, which we attempted by the Maestri bolt route. Bad weather turned us back 300 meters from the top.

Mario Manica, Club Alpino Italiano