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North America, United States, California–Sierra Nevada, Pinnacles National Monument

Pinnacles National Monument. It was a quiet year in the Pinnacles National Monument. To the right of “Agrarian,” John Barbella and James McConachie recommend their route, Heat-Seeking Missile (5.10c). Some of the protection bolts for this climb were placed while aiding on tied-off knobs. On the Yaks Wall, Shoot the Tube (5.9) was done by James and Jon McConachie. The McConachies also freed the A2 section of Slipstream after placing protection from a free-climbing stance (5.10b). Bat Cave (5.11a) was climbed free for the first time by Sam Davidson and Larry Martin. Preferred Freedom (5.9) was put up to the right of the old route on Freedom Dome by Martha Winwood and me. Keith Vandervere joined us to add Nexus (5.10c) to the Balcony Cliffs. A bolt was aided to permit a non-preview cleaning of moss with a long-handled push- broom.

Jack Holmgren, NADS Alpine Club