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Asia, India–Himachal Pradesh, Peaks in Lahul

Peaks in Lahul. There was much climbing activity in Lahul. Mulkila 5 (6370 meters, 20,900 feet) was climbed in September by Indians G.J. Jambotkar, P.B. Bodhane, D.T. Kulkarni and three high-altitude porters. Mulkila 7 (6340 meters, 20,800 feet) was climbed by French Gilles Gadani and Mlle Blondine Wong in August. CB 10 (6226 meters, 20,427 feet) was ascended by Indians N.J.K. Singh, Shyam Kishor and L. Joy Kumar in August or September. A British Royal Air Force expedition climbed two peaks in September: CB 21 by C.M. Davidson, Daniel, Batson and Taylor and CB 24 by Batson, Taylor, Horth, Palmer, Cockwood, Wilson and Milmoe. CB 54 (6096 meters, 20,000 feet) was ascended by Indians G. Lobo and a porter in August or September.