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Asia, India–Garhwal, P6166 on the Arwa-Sweta Divide

P6166 on the Arwa-Sweta Divide. A four-member ladies’ team from Calcutta, Munmun Chatterjee, Dola Sirkar, Mousumi Ghosh and Amita Bhattarcharjee, set up Base Camp at Nandanban at 14,500 feet on May 14. They set up six higher camps: Visukital, Sundar Glacier, Suralaya Glacier, Sweta Glacier and Camps I and II at 15,000, 17,200, 17,400, 18,500, 19,100 and 19,700 feet respectively. On May 26 Dola Sirkar and two high-altitude porters, Kalu Sherpa and Tej Bahadur, reached the 20,320-foot summit.

Kamal K. Guha, Himalayan Club