Asia, Nepal, Kang Guru Attempt

Publication Year: 1985.

Kang Guru Attempt. Englishmen Michael Chapman and Nick Seely were attempting to climb Kang Guru via the west face to the northwest ridge. They reached a high point of 20,350 feet on April 24. They were moving up to the 21,000-foot site of their sixth bivouac on this alpine-style climb when Seely fell into a crevasse and shattered his left kneecap. He had been carrying all their food and stoves and when his rucksack jammed, they were without these items. It took them three days to make their way down to Camp I of a Korean expedition. Seely crawled much of the way or was dragged by Chapman. Chapman is confident that they would have reached the summit on April 25 if the accident had not occurred.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley