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Asia, Nepal, Kangbachen Attempt

Kangbachen Attempt. Italian Dante Porta had hoped to climb Kangbachen by its northwest face solo. With several friends, he established Base Camp at 17,225 feet on April 20. With another member, he made Camp I at 18,375 feet on April 25 and returned to Base Camp. The next day Porta set out from Base for his solo push to the summit and reached 19,700 feet before returning to Camp I, where he became very ill from cerebral edema. The other member, Claudio Colizzi, and sardar Nga Temba carried supplies to Camp I on the 27th and found Porta unconscious there. They brought him to Base Camp on the 28th and that was the end of the climb.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley