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South America, Peru–Cordillera Huayhuash, Jirishanca Chico and Ninashanca

Jirishanca Chico and Ninashanca. Italians, E. Rosso, G. Lanza and E. Contini, climbed the southeast face of Jirishanca Chico (5427 meters, 17,805 feet) by a new route on the southeast face, which went up 1000 feet of icefall and then up 1650 feet of steep mixed ice-and-rock face. The alpine-style climb was completed on August 2. They then turned to Ninashanca (5607 meters, 18,396 feet), where they made a new route on the left side of the south face. They first climbed a 1500-foot-high icefall to reach a plateau behind the east ridge of Rondoy. They climbed couloirs with angles of 75° to 90° up the south face of Ninashanca and reached the summit on August 7.