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Asia, China, Mount Everest, Winter Attempt from Tibet

Mount Everest, Winter Attempt from Tibet. At the same time as Kazuyuki Takahashi was leading a successful winter ascent of Mount Everest from Nepal, his wife Michiko Imai Takahashi was leading an 18-member team from Tibet. Husband and wife had hoped for a meeting on the highest point on earth. The climbers on the north face followed the 1980 Japanese route and reached 26,575 feet in the Hornbein Couloir on November 30. They had established Base Camp, Camps I, II and III at 18,450, 20,250, 22,650 and 25,250 feet on October 21, 26, November 5 and 17 respectively. Up till then, all had gone well, but various things then went wrong. Inexperienced Chinese helpers fell victim to severe frostbite. A tent burned down in Camp I. When they got to Camp II on December 30 they found it destroyed by the winds. A final attempt failed just below Camp II on January 10, 1984.