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Asia, India—Himachal Pradesh, Ascents in Himachal Pradesh

Ascents in Himachal Pradesh. A 15-member Indian team led by Sudhir Mehta climbed Kala Nag (Black Peak) in the Bandar Punch group. Fourteen climbers got to the top (6387 meters, 20,956 feet) on September 16 and 17. Other Indians led by Parimal Chowdhuri climbed Guan Nelda I (6303 meters, 20,680 feet), Guan Nelda II (6157 meters, 20,200 feet) and Paribenghi (6186 meters, 20,296 feet). Two other Indian expeditions reported success: P 19,906 (6067 meters) near Shikar Bey and Fluted Peak (6121 meters, 20,080 feet).