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Asia, Nepal, Changla Attempt

Changla Attempt. A joint Japanese-Nepalese women’s expedition led by Mrs. Kyoko Endo failed to make the first ascent of Changla (6721 meters, 22,051 feet). There were seven Japanese and three Nepalese members. The women were supported by two high-altitude porters. After establishing four camps above Base Camp on the southwest ridge, four members and two Sherpas reached a high point of 20,675 feet on May 28 but the climb was abandoned because the sharp snow ridge above them was very difficult, had hidden crevasses and occasional ice sections. The Sherpas would not climb without fixed rope and the rope supply was exhausted. Fuel ran out and they had little time left. The peak lies in western Nepal in the Gorakh Himal. They approached from Simikot.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley