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Asia, Nepal, Kangtega Attempt

Kangtega Attempt. An American expedition led by Steven Brimmer was composed of four climbers, a base-camp manager and a doctor. They attempted the south face with no high camps above the 16,500-foot Base Camp. They got to the top of the icefall at 20,500 feet and found that enormous crevasses barred the way. An attempt to go around the icefall also failed. The high point was reached on October 18 by John Collett, Joseph Condon and Tim Schinhofen and Sherpas Wangel and Kusan. They decided on October 22 to give up the climb. A Sherpani was killed by an avalanche when she and others approached Base Camp to evacuate gear on October 24.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley