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South America, Ecuador, Tabernáculo, South Face, 1981

Tabernáculo, South Face, 1981. This peak at the center of the horseshoe of the Altar Range was ascended for the first time in 1972 by a German expedition, which used the northeast slopes. In the last days of 1981 two Ecuadorian groups placed a high camp on the small plateau between Monja Chica and Tabernáculo. A second ascent of Tabernáculo was made on December 30 by F. Almeida, F. Cáceres, R. Fuentes, S. Palacios and H. and M. Reinoso, of Colegio San Gabriel, Quito. The next day the ascent was repeated by O. Cevallos, M. Gavilanes, I. Ortega, W. Villacís and R. Yépez, of the Polytechnical School of the Ecuadorian army. Both Ecuadorian groups climbed the south face, direct, a new route.

Evelio Echevarría