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North America, Canada, Arras, South Face, Forbes Group

Arras, South Face, Forbes Group. On July 23 Cathy Bushnell, Gary Duncan, Pete Grant and I were flown to the base of Mount Arras (10,180 feet). We made the first ascent directly up the center of an uninteresting south face that afternoon. Arras is at the far end of the Forbes group and was of aesthetic interest to me because its northerly faces resemble a hanging tapestry made in Arras, France. A.O. Wheeler was aware of this when he named Arras and other peaks in the Forbes-Lyell group to commemorate battles of the Canadian Army in World War I. We walked back through Bush Pass, over the col west of Niverville, up the Freshfield Icefield, through the Gilgit-Helmer col and down the Mummery to the Blaeberry River.

John Christian