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North America, United States, Alaska, P 10,6000, Near Mount Hunter

P 10,600, Near Mount Hunter. On April 30 Stephen Mascioli and I looked up nearly 4000 feet to P 10,600, which forms the western rampart of Mount Hunter’s long curving south ridge. It lies 4¾ miles nearly due south of Hunter and ¾ of a mile west of P 10,920, the highest point on the ridge. Its summit caps a 2200-foot ice face on the north and a 1600-foot snow couloir on the west. We kicked steps or front-pointed all the first day and bivouacked hanging from ice screws. On May 1 we climbed six more pitches of difficult ice to a col on the mountain’s west face. A two-day storm pinned us in our tiny tent. On May 4 we spent five hours climbing up the snow couloir and the dicey ridge traverse over rotten ice to the summit.

Alan Kearney