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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. The club completed another active year in 1982, with membership growing to 1100. Nearly 450 members participated in one of the courses, the mountaineering camps, or the foreign expeditions that were one to four weeks in length. The courses and mountain camps were again offered for University of Iowa credit, if desired. Under the instruction of Jim and John Ebert, 85 members finished the concentrated one-week basic rock-climbing courses held at Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin, and 75 completed the weekend rock-climbing courses. Three general weekend outings were held at Devils Lake with an average attendance of 60.

In January, 65 members joined a seven-day cross-country skiing and winter survival course near Leadville, Colorado. A winter and spring backpack trip to the Grand Canyon, led by Jim and Margie Ebert, brought out 75 members.

The club sponsored two foreign expeditions and a Canadian mountaineering camp. John and Jim Ebert led a group of 25 to New Zealand in January and February. Ascents were made of Mounts Ruepehu and Ngauruhoe on the North Island, and 18 members hiked the Milford Trek, with nine completing the Route-bum Trek. Inclement weather prevented the ascent of a number of the classic peaks in the Mount Cook region.

In July, John and Jim Ebert led a group of 42 to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet) and to visit the national parks and animal reserves. This was the club’s fifth trip to East Africa since 1967. Only six of the 126 members who attempted the peak on these trips have failed to reach the summit of this famous African mountain. This summer 35 of the 39 who started up the peak reached the summit. This five-day, 78-mile, 14,000-foot ascent and descent was an exhilarating adventure.

During August, Jim Ebert directed a basic snow-and-ice course and a general mountain camp in Alberta, Canada. Base Camp was located at the Castle Meadow Campsite, 18 miles north of Banff. This was the largest attended mountaineering camp in the club’s history. With generally good weather, the group was very active and made over 272-manned ascents of 16 peaks during the 11-day camp. The major peaks ascended included Mounts Athabaska (Silverhom Route)—16 members; Victoria—24 members; Aberdeen—20 members; Stanley—16 members; Hector—18 members.

In 1983 the club will climb in Peru, with Base Camp located in the Quebrada Rajucolta. Attempts will be made to climb Huantsán and Huascarán. The club will also sponsor a mountain camp in the Beartooth Range in Montana August 2-12.

Jim Ebert