Asia, China, Anyemaqen, 1981, Third Ascent

Publication Year: 1983.

Anyemaqen, 1981, Third Ascent. [On page 285 of A.A.J., 1982, details were lacking about two ascents of Anyemaqen. We are grateful for further details sent us by Herr Hupfauer, which arrived too late to be published last year.—Editor. ] Our Austro-German party of seven took two days from Shie San Shang to get to Base Camp at 14,750 feet on the Quheershaoma Glacier on June 2, 1981. We were held up by bad weather until June 7 when we established Camp I at 16,250 feet. Camp II was placed at 18,600 feet on June 9. That day we watched the American group reach the summit! We followed the route of the Japanese first-ascent party, which definitely climbed the peak in May 22, 1981. This led over the Quheershaoma Glacier and the east- northeast ridge to the summit of P 6000, over P 6090 and P 6127 to the main summit (6282 meters, 20,610 feet). We found some 3000 feet of Japanese fixed rope. On June 10, 1981 Hans Gaschbauer, Franz Lämmerhofer, Dr. Gerhard Schmatz, Peter Vogler and I climbed to the summit for the third ascent and the second by our route.

Siegfried Hupfauer, Deutscher Alpenverein