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Asia, India—Ladakh-Kashmir, P 6392 (Janam), Kishtwar Himal, Second Ascent

P 6392 (Janam), Kishtwar Himal, Second Ascent. P 6392 (20,970 feet), locally called Janam, is located north of the Kiar Nalla. The first ascent was reported in A.A.J., 1978, page 612. Base Camp at the Sarbal meadows at 11,800 feet was reached on July 28 after a five-day march from Kishtwar. Advance Base was pitched after crossing the Kiar Nalla twice to avoid a gorge on the right bank. On the mountain we generally followed the south ridge. Camp I was placed at 15,425 feet on August 3. The route to Camp II led from a basin up a couloir. A ridge was then followed over a short distance to a rock tower of loose rock which was avoided by skirting on the left, following a fixed rope of the 1977 party. On August 6 we all moved to Camp II at 18,050 feet on a snow plateau just behind the rock shoulder. Firm rock led to a corniced ridge which we followed through an icefield on the west side. Late in the afternoon, after climbing in fog all day, we got to a level icefield and a col just below the summit. On August 8 all climbing members, Hans van den Berg, Rudolf de Koning, Jan Spit and I, reached the summit in excellent weather. A slightly higher peak was seen a kilometer to the northwest.

Jaap Barendregt. Koninklijke Nederlandse Alpen Vereniging