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Asia, India-Garhwal, Hanuman and Rishi Kot, North Face

Hanuman and Rishi Kot, North Face. Our expedition was composed of Mario Blasevich, Canadian, Rafael Fernández, Dr. Juan Bejarano and me as leader, Spaniards. We were in Garhwal from July 29 to August 29. We had hoped to climb the south face of Dunagiri, but monsoon weather and bad snow conditions prevented this. On August 15 Blasevich and I climbed Hanuman (6075 meters, 19,931 feet) by the normal route, followed the next day by Fernández solo. On August 18 and 19 Blasevich soloed a new route on Rishi Kot (6236 meters, 20,460 feet), the 4000-foot-high, 55° to 75° north face.

Antonio Luna, Federatión Andaluza de Montañismo, Córdoba, Spain