Asia, Nepal, Manaslu East Ridge Attempt

Publication Year: 1983.

Manaslu East Ridge Attempt. Hervé Thivierge, Gilles Claret Tournier, Jean Franck Charlet, Dr. François Dantoine and I arrived at Base Camp at 14,450 feet on September 10, where we had four days of bad weather. After establishing Camp I at 18,050 feet, we climbed to 20,000 feet but bad weather and dangerous snow conditions made us decide to abandon the east ridge. We carried our supplies to Naike Col on the normal route, where a French-Italian expedition agreed to have us join them. However, the liaison officer refused us permission and did not pass on to higher authority their leader Audoubert’s letter agreeing to have us join his expedition.

Jean-Paul Balmat, Club Alpin Français