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South America, Chilean-Argentinian Patagonia, Aguja Guillaumet

Aguja Guillaumet. In checking ascents on the Aguja Guillaumet, we find several ascents which have not been mentioned in the A.A.J. Two routes near the Italian one were made by French climbers in 1968 which were reported in the Annales du Groupe de Haute Montagne, 1969. J. Coqueigniot and F. Guillot ascended the left-hand couloir on the right part of the east face which led to the north ridge, while Bernard Amy and P. Vidailhet climbed the right-hand couloir and also finished via the north ridge. In 1978 Argentines G. Maioli and P. Castiarena climbed the northwest spur, the normal route. The Buscainis found a slip of paper on the summit which told of their ascent. Aside from the American 1979 ascent mentioned above, there are the following in the American Alpine Journal: A.A.J., 1966, pages 76-7; A.A.J., 1978, page 581; A.A.J., 1980, page 599; A.A.J., 1982, page 195.