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South America, Southern Peru, Yayamari, Atun Paco and Pacco Loma, Southern Cordillera Vilcanota

Yayamari, Atun Paco and Pacco Loma, Southern Cordillera Vilcanota. In four days from Sicuani, we reached Base Camp at 16,250 feet on Laguna Amayani (a name unknown to the locals, who call the lake Cascara). Out of eleven days there, the weather was bad on five, preventing our climbing the original objectives. We made the following ascents: Yayamari (6007 meters, 19,709 feet) from the northwest on August 10 by G. Bosio, M. Meli, A. Panza, M. Salvi, M. Gavazzeni and me, on August 12 by A. Cattaneo, I. Galli, A. Chiappa and R. Chiappini, and on August 14 by Bosio, G. Ruggeri, G. Mainini, Meli, G. Sartori and B. Piazzoli; Pacco Loma (5454 meters, 17,894 feet) from the southeast on August 12 by Bosio, Rugerri and Mainini; Atun Paco (5672 meters, 18,610 feet) from the west on August 14 by Panza, Gavazzeni and me. This last peak is the summit south of Huilayoc and is called thus by local shepherds.

Santino Calegari. Club Alpino Italiano