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Mountaineering Club of Alaska

Mountaineering Club of Alaska. Our membership was approximately 260 in 1981. Activities included a monthly slide show of climbs and mountain travels in Alaska and around the world. The club also conducted classes in mountaineering and ice climbing. A two-day glacier and ice-climbing class was given at the Matanuska Glacier in September for 34 students. Numerous hikes and climbs were sponsored, primarily in the nearby Chugach Mountains.

Members participated in a number of notable trips and climbs. On April 25 Peter Sennhauser and Janet Smalley climbed Peak 9650 in the Lime Hills, D-3 Quad in the Southwestern Alaska Range for a probable first ascent.

Rick O’Kelly, Frank Hollingshead, and Greg Higgins made the second recorded ascent of Mount Rumble (7530 feet) in the Chugach Range in October.

Six of our members made a north-south traverse of Mount McKinley, reaching, however, only Denali Pass (18,200 feet) because of weather and time constraints. Three members climbed Mount Sanford (16,237 feet). In March a group of six traversed the Bagley Ice Field, over 200 miles, through the eastern Chugach and Mount St. Elias Ranges.

John Dillman, President