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Everett L. Darr, 1907-1981

EVERETT L. DARR 1907-1981

Everett L. Darr died June 21, 1981, at the age of 74. He had been active in the mountain climbing and skiing scene around Mount Hood for over 50 years. He started his Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon, in 1937. Later, after World War II, he moved the store to Government Camp at the base of Mount Hood. Many younger climbers and skiers affectionately called him “Papa Darr”, because he would usually help them out with equipment and advice.

His climbs of Mount Hood number in the hundreds. With James Mount and Ralph Calkin he made the first climb of the Wy’east Route on Mount Hood. His knowledge of Northwest mountain peaks and climbers was almost encyclopaedic. He was also an efficient and thorough organizer of climbing expeditions in the Northwest. He led several groups of climbers into the Chelan Mountain range in northern Washington, a region in which he was intensely interested. These groups made several first ascents in the area.

Probably his most noteworthy achievement was organizing a group to climb St. Peters Dome in the Columbia River Gorge. This volcanic rock monolith rises about 2000 feet above the Columbia River. About 600 feet of this elevation is vertical rock of dubious quality, including some moss-covered areas. The group spent five weekends completing the ascent. Much of the time was spent in clearing loose rock and moss and in setting pitons. Another obstacle, about halfway up, was an overhang to be surmounted.

Everett L. Darr, the mountain man, has made his final ascent.

Al Monner