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Asia, Pakistan, Saltoro Kangri II Attempt

Saltoro Kangri II Attempt. Our expedition, Martin Albanus, leader, Offert Dorka, Fred Bässler and I, had such difficulties with baggage, our liaison officer and flight to Skardu that our time schedule was upset. After ascending the Kondus valley, we made a fruitless attempt up the Khow Glacier and shifted to the Mahari-Lica Glacier. From a 14,750- foot Base Camp we advanced two more camps to the foot of the southwest face of Saltoro Kangri II at 17,050 feet. Bad weather, the distance from Base Camp to the face, a shortage of high-altitude food and lack of time prevented success. Bässler and Dorka got to 21,325 feet above Camp III.

Reinhard Frick, Deutscher Alpenverein