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Asia, Pakistan, Teram Kangri II, 1975

Teram Kangri 11, 1978. On page 298 of A.A.J., 1981 we reported a 1980 Indian expedition which crossed the Cease-Fire Line and entered what is generally considered to be Pakistan. This was apparently not the first such expedition. The Himalayan Journal, 1979-80 from pages 107 to 112 reported the second ascent of Teram Kangri II (7406 meters, 24,300 feet), first climbed on August 12, 1975 by Japanese. An Indian Army expedition led by Colonel Narinder Kumar placed their Advance Base at 17,000 feet near the junction of the Siachen and Teramshehr Glaciers in early September of 1978. Camp I at 19,000 feet was high on the latter and below the south face, and Camp II was above a rocky rib at 21,000 feet. Camp III was established at 21,000 feet on October 6. After several summit attempts, on October 13, 1978 Puran Chand, Awtar Singh and Kalam Singh reached the summit.