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Asia, India, Himachal Pradesh, CB 13

CB 13. Our expedition consisted of Miss Hiroko Okazaki, leader, Miss Michiko Izumida, Miss Gachiko Higashi and me. We entered the CB 13 branch glacier from the South Dakka Glacier. We made Base Camp on the tongue of the South Dakka Glacier at 15,425 feet on August 14. We placed Camp I on the branch glacier at 16,400 feet on the 17th. On August 22 we made Camp II on the col of the north ridge of CB 13 at 18,000 feet. We fixed some 1500 feet of rope. On August 24 Miss Izumida, Miss Higashi, Sherpa Pyarelal Thakur and I climbed to the summit (6264 meters, 20,550 feet), fixing 400 feet more of rope.

Hiroko Hirakawa, Tanpopo Alpine Club, Japan