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Asia, India, Garhwal, Kalanka and P 6187

Kalanka and P 6187. We were four weeks in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary with Base Camp at the foot of the moraine of the Uttari Rishi Gal. The weather was changeable. From September 15 to 19, G. Martellotti, N. Kekus and I repeated the Japanese route on the south face of Kalanka (6931 meters, 22,740 feet). Two routes were made on P 6187 (20,300 feet), south of Changabang: the north ridge reached by the east buttress of P 5822 from September 15 to 18 by D. Amore and M. Ricard and the west ridge from the Rishi Kot Gal on September 27 by Mme P. Leyland and me. We gave up on the east ridge of P 6401 because the line was less aesthetic than it had appeared in photographs and because the top half, lacking snow, was of very bad rock and swept by rockfall.

Bernard Domenech, Groupe de Haute Montagne