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Antarctica, Sentinel Range, Vinson Massif, 1976

Vinson Massif, Sentinel Range, 1979. In the Alpenvereins-Jahrbuch, 1980 (German Alpine Club’s Annual) on pages 162-6 is described the second ascent of the Vinson Massif (5139 meters, 16,860 feet), the highest point in Antarctica. The first ascent was made in December, 1966 by an American Alpine Club expedition. (See A.A.J., 1967, pages 251-7.) On December 20, 1979 Germans Peter von Gizycki and Werner Buggisch and Soviet Vladimir Samsonov were landed at 8200 feet. That same day, following the American route, they climbed the steep couloir to the 11,000-foot col on the ridge that descends from Mount Shinn. On the 21st they climbed the glacier to 13,125 feet, where they again camped. On December 22, 1979 they made the long climb to the summit, which they reached at five P.M. There they found flags left thirteen years before by the Americans.