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North America, Greenland, West Greenland, Akuliaruseq Peninsula

Akuliaruseq Peninsula, West Greenland. Franco Alletto, Giuseppe Cazzaniga, Giancarlo Del Zotto, Bruno Gabaglio, Fabio and Mariola Masciandri and I were active on the north coast of the Akuliaruseq peninsula in July. From Base Camp on the coast, where a glacier runs down into Kangigdleq Fjord, we climbed a rocky 1300-foot wall to get to the upper part of the valley. On July 4, from Camp I at 2300 feet, Cazzaniga, Del Zotto, Alletto and I climbed a long, crevassed glacier. Via the north face and northwest ridge, we got to the summit of Nunupniaqa (2200 meters, 7218 feet; 10 miles northeast of Snepyra-miden), which commands a view over Kangerlugssuaq Fjord. On July 7 Cazzangia, Gabaglio, Fabio Masciadri and I climbed Timumanikavsa (1780 meters, 5840 feet). On July 8 to 10 Alletto and I crossed a 2600-foot pass to get to the upper part of the Nerdlerit valley. After crossing moraines and glaciers we got to the 1963 Belgian camp on the Snepyramiden. From there, rather than continuing the descent to the sea, we turned north and after climbing a pass, followed down the Qordlortossuaq to reach the sea. (More details in Lo Scarpone, October 1, 1981.)

Lodovico Gaetani, Club Alpino Italiano