North America, United States, Utah, Jacob's Chair, Fry Canyon Area

Publication Year: 1982.

Jacob’s Chair, Fry Canyon Area. Jacob’s Chair, a 270-foot Wingate sandstone tower in south-central Utah, north of Highway 95, was first ascended by George Hurley and Bill Forrest in November, 1976. It is a previously unreported climb. The monolith is reached via five miles of old mining road which begins from the highway between Gravel and Long Canyons. At a division in the road the left fork is pursued to the talus slope beneath the tower. The first-ascent route ascends the north side of the monument beginning with a 5.7 crack located 100 feet east of the west end of the formation. At the level seat of the Chair, walk east to where the second and third leads follow cracks and chimneys on the north side of the back of the Chair—perhaps 50 feet left of the edge. The crux of the 150-foot third lead is a “peaked ceiling” where aid was used on the first ascent. On a subsequent ascent by the party the route was begun directly below the final two leads and the “peaked ceiling” climbed free (5.10). II, 5.10, Al.