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Guy Matthews Andrews, 1959-1980



I first met Guy in 1975 just after his 16th birthday. His mother had arranged a climbing lesson as a birthday gift and I was glad for the day outside and the extra money. These chance meetings we have with people sometimes turn to gold. Guy and I quickly become friends and we climbed together regularly through the following years.

His progress in rock climbing was ordinary for someone so enthusiastic and physically able. He spent all of his free time in the local mountains and crags and gained the confidence to try a hand at mountaineering. In this he was extraordinary. So fast was he advancing that he was asked to go along on our 1978 Annapurna III Expedition. We thought the experience of going to Base Camp would be just what he needed and maybe he could be used for some of the lower load carrying. After a few days at Base Camp it became obvious that he was indeed one of the strongest members of our team. As it turned out, he and his sense of wit became a joy to us all and a strong link that our weakening chain needed. He carried to 22,000 feet without a complaint and always did a little more.

He teamed up with Ed Connor and Chuck Bludworth for an ascent of Aconcagua’s south face during the 1979 Christmas holidays and ended up giving his all. Severe conditions, a slow pace, altitude and perhaps not quite enough of the meanness one gets with age brought an end to Guy and Chuck on the summit of Aconcagua. A dreadful loss to all those friends and family who love him so dearly.

We remember you so well!

Werner R. Landry