Asia, China, Mount Everest, East (Kangchung) Face Reconnaissance

Publication Year: 1981.

Mount Everest, East (Kangchung) Face Reconnaissance. In late October I flew from Chengdu to Lhasa to reconnoiter the approaches and routes on the east side of Everest in preparation for the 1981 American Everest Expedition. Accompanied by liaison officer Cheng Rong Chan and interpreter Tsao Hong Juen, I traveled by road to Karta and by foot over the Shago La to the Kama valley. We were accompanied by three yaks and two drivers from the Karta Commune’s 5th Production Brigade as far as the site of the high camp of the French Army reconnaissance party. From there I ascended alone up the north side of the Kangchung Glacier to the massive east face of Everest. After observing conditions and photographing routes, I descended the glacier and returned to Karta by way of the Langma La. (See Mount Everest Reconnaissance, 1921 by Howard Bury for detailed description and maps.

Andrew C. Harvard