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Asia, Pakistan, Broad Peak Attempt

Broad Peak Attempt. We were at Base Camp on July 9 but were held up by five days of bad weather. Shortly after that Georges Bettembourg, Patrick Vallençant, Jean Louis Estienne and Denis Conte placed Camps I and II at 17,725 and 20,675 feet and headed up toward Camp III but were driven by the weather down to Base Camp for five more days of storm. They reascended and placed Camp III at 23,000 feet. More tries were made in doubtful weather. Bettembourg and Vallençant got to 25,000 feet in deep snow, skied and filmed the descent. Later the same pair and I ascended to 23,000 feet and again were driven down by storms. We were also accompanied by the American movie-photographer Howard Ingle.

Frederic Labaeye, Club Alpin Français