Asia, India–Kashmir and Ladakh, Kijai Nala. Kishtwar Himal, 1976

Publication Year: 1981.

Kijai Nala, Kishtwar Himal, 1979. A Polish expedition, led by Krzysztof Lozinski, in 1979 visited the Kijai Nala. After a difficult approach, Base Camp was set up on September 6, 1979 at 10,825 feet, and Camps I and II at 13,800 and 17,725 feet on September 7 and 13. P 6013 (19,728 feet) on the western side of the valley was climbed on September 14 over two intermediate peaks, P 5450 (17,881 feet) and P 5800 (19,029 feet) by Lozinski, Stanislaw Gorgon, Jan Marczak, Józef Makinia and Stanislaw Pelczarski. At the beginning of the expedition three members, Jacek Szczpanski, Jan Oficjalski and his wife Barbara, left the main group and established a separate Base Camp to attempt Arjuna. Despite a heavy snowfall, on September 20 the two men made a two-day reconnaissance and did not return. (The main group had already left the valley.) After four days Barbara tried in vain to look for them. After eight days she began the long and dangerous descent, first in the high mountains and lower in the jungle. She walked for ten days and several times slipped and fell. Injured and ill, she was finally rescued by a

native hunter. An extensive helicopter search revealed no signs of the two climbers.

Józef Nyka, Editor, Taternik, Poland