Asia, Nepal, Manaslu, South Ridge Attempt

Publication Year: 1981.

Manaslu, South Ridge Attempt. A nine-man expedition from Wroclaw, Poland, led by Janusz Ferenski, attempted Makalu by its south ridge from the Pungen Glacier to the col between Peak 29 (Dunapurna) and Manaslu. The route had never before been attempted. The expedition was delayed by the late arrival of equipment by road from Poland. They left Kathmandu only in the first week of April. They established two camps above Base Camp. Camp III would have been the first camp actually on the ridge. On April 29 they reached their highest point at 6550 meters (21,490 feet). Although the route was not technically difficult, deep snow and constant avalanching finally drove even these stubborn Poles to give up on May 17.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club