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South America, Northern and Central Chile, Juriques and Other Peaks, Ancient and Modern Ascents

Juriques and Other Peaks, Ancient and Modem Ascents. American anthropologist J. Rinehard, accompanied by J. Sarracino and Ana María Barón, Chilean researchers, made several ascents near Licancabur. On August 31 Rinehard climbed Licancabur itself and Juriques (5662 meters, 18,576 feet), which had been ascended previously in 1972 by Manuel Bazán; both peaks are close together and were known to have on their tops Indian constructions. Other peaks ascended for archaeological purposes were: Miscanti (5613 meters, 18,415 feet) by Rinehard and Ana María Barón on October 2; Chiliques (5796 meters, 19,017 feet) by Rinehard on October 2 and again, by the whole group, on October 11; and Lejía or Lausa (5790 meters, 18,996 feet) by Rinehard on October 6. On all these summits were found ample traces of ancient Indian occupancy, such as rock constructions, ceramics, wooden beams, etc. Some tambos (rock enclosures to be used as resting places) were located at the base of some of these peaks, which are all situated within the province of E1 Loa, east of Antofagasta and near the Bolivian and Argentinian border. (Information supplied by señor Antonio Beorchia, San Juan, Argentina.)

Evelio Echevarría