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South America, Bolivia, Condoriri Area, Cordillera Real

Condoriri Area, Cordillera Real. Paul Stettner, Alan Johnson, John Herbst and I arrived in La Paz on June 10. After ascents of Cerro Milluni and Huayna Potosí, we turned to the Condoriri area. Stettner and I enjoyed a route on a small unnamed peak above the first cirque eastof Condoriri. We climbed 1000 feet of 60° snow to a small pyramidshaped summit. On June 19 Stettner, Johnson and I climbed the direct south face of Condoriri (5648 meters, 18,531 feet), possibly a new variation. On June 24 we climbed the highest (south) summit of Illimani in one day from the parking area, descending by moonlight.

Brian Daniell