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North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Asgard and Other Peaks, Baffin Island

Asgard and Other Peaks, Baffin Island. Several expeditions from Europe climbed in Auyuittuq National Park. Swiss Jean Troillet, Christian Jäggi and Ruedi Homberger climbed Asgard via the southeast buttress (Scott-Hennek) route on June 24. Homberger and Jäggi skied up the northwest summit of Adluk Peak and Homberger skied up Mount Battle. French Patrick Bourbousson, Jean-Marie Galmiche, Elizabeth Sherding and Vlad Sergiescu climbed Asgard by the normal south ridge on July 23 and by the Scott-Hennek route on August 2 and 3. They climbed the normal route on Arayog, traversed Baldur from north to south, climbed the east face of Kilabuk and the north face of Breidablik and traversed Tinfoil Ridge to Mount Northumbria. Italians Giulano Mainini and Franco Trozzo climbed an unnamed peak northwest of Asgard (LJ9796) on August 4. They suggest the name “Attigig.” Mainini, Trozzo, Antonino Antinori and Marcello Cippitelli climbed Breidablik on the 6th and Alberto Leggi, Cippitelli, Trozzo and Mainini climbed Mount Tyr on August 8.

R.E. Redhead, Auyuittuq National Park